Triangulate can package 100% of Microsoft Applications including Problematic and Legacy Apps

“We can resolve Microsoft Compliance issues my migrating critical LOB Apps to a fully supported Microsoft OS”

Triangulate can package ANY Microsoft Application (if it works on a PC we can package it) be this on Windows Server 2003, XP or Vista (16 or 32 bit). Once packaged, we can quickly and easily migrate the App to Windows 7.X, 8.X or 10.x seamlessly to be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or Hybrid.

Once packaged, with our next generation layering technology, the App will NEVER need to be packaged again and can quickly and easily be moved onto ANY new Microsoft OS released in the future.

We allow quick and easy migration of Applications and Data to Azure or any other Public Cloud a client may wish to deploy to.

An additional benefit of our technology is that once the applications are packaged we can deploy these to ANY physical or virtual device. This has enormous cost benefits not only in utilsing the existing desktop estate BUT the back end data centre is dramatically reduced as there is no longer the need for expensive servers (compute), storage or supporting infrastructure.

Our solution permits true BYOD with App ‘Push and Pull’ depending on how the clients wishes to enable App delivery. 

Our first step is a baseline software assessment where we identify Application usage (Application versions, users, who uses what and when). This allows us to assist our clients in identifying and prioritising Applications for packaging and where they are best hosted.

With our team of highly accredited pre and post sales engineers we are putting the VALUE back into Value Added Distribution.

Contact us now and find out how we completely remove your compliance issues and enable your transition to the Cloud.